As we all know, the legalization of cannabis has been a great debate in the United States, and California has been the most progressive about the marijuana industry. 

But, like any other business, cannabis growers face various challenges with the fluctuation of the market, as well as the unpredictability of natural disasters. 

However, the last few years have been particularly disastrous for the California growers having to deal with the devastating effects of wildfires.

The Aim of Buds Without Borders

Fortunately, the Buds Without Borders campaign stepped in to help the struggling growers from the affected areas.

The people who were behind the Buds Without Borders campaign worked towards helping neighboring Cannabis growers recuperate from devastating natural disasters. 

This was a regional effort that focused on supporting local farmers as well as upholding the legalization and growth of the cannabis industry in general. 

The founders believe that legalizing cannabis will decrease the market for illegal drugs, decrease drug-related crime, and increase consumer safety. 

However, the campaign was not only limited to advocacy but also social responsibility.

The Buds Without Borders Campaign

In 2017, Buds Without Borders began a fundraiser specifically targeted towards helping the California growers suffering from the detrimental effects of wildfires. 

This resulted in the campaign raising several thousand dollars to aid the affected cannabis growers. Even though other industries were also affected by the fire, the Buds Without Borders campaign concentrated on cannabis growers alone to give personalized and impactful assistance.

The campaign being more local in scope also helped to connect growers from various parts of the world- cannabis growers from other countries helped the growers in California, despite the geographical and political boundaries.

What added to the success of Buds Without Borders was how accessible they made donating funds. The campaign allowed donations from anyone who wanted to help, and not just from those in the cannabis industry. 

Their transparency and proactivity assured donors that their donations were going towards the intended cause, which gave individuals the confidence to donate even more. 

A portion of the donations went towards providing the affected growers with seeds, soil & fertilizer, and growing equipment.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the legalization of cannabis has been slow but steady across the world. It has birthed various campaigns and organizations aimed at spreading awareness about its benefits. 

The Buds Without Borders campaign has proven that the fight for legalization is not just advocacy, but it also involves providing social responsibility. 

The group has shown that no matter the boundaries, growers from around the world can come together to help one another in times of crisis.

The California cannabis growers who were recuperating from the effects of wildfires now have a renewed hope, thanks to the Buds Without Borders campaign and its supporters. 

The campaign taught us that coming together, despite our differences, can create a world where everyone tackles the challenges together. The campaign is a testament that we do not have to wait for our governments to implement change; we can take action ourselves and make the world a better place for everyone.

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