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Portland City Hall Is Poised to Admit It Wrapped Cannabis Businesses in Too Much Red Tape

Tensions have been building over the last several months regarding the overbearing rules and regulations created and enforced by the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Fortunately, even City Council seems to agree that cannabis business regulation under commissioner Amanda Fritz has gone too far. A majority of the…

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Rules Change on Olympic Cannabis Testing!

It has been nearly two decades since Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati became the sport’s first Olympic gold medal winner at the 1998 Winter Games in Japan, only to have his title nearly ripped from him entirely due to positive test for marijuana. The attitude toward the use of marijuana in…

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Grower of the Month: Luvli Farms

August has arrived and we’re excited to announce our next Grower of the Month: Luvli Farms. The Portland based farm has developed a strong reputation amongst the community for their commitment to high quality, consistent products and growing catalog of top notch strains including Hawaiian Dutch, Thin Mint Girl Scout…

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Pure Green Summer Weekend Specials!

Summer is in full effect and we’ve got some great specials going on this weekend to help you enjoy the warm weather to the fullest!   Friday – 7/29: **Ten Four Farms Platinum GSC Returns!** – HarleSin – $125/oz – Lunchbox Alchemy Squibs – $8.75 (Rec Only) – Buy 2…

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Ridiculously Funny Music Video Is a Commercial for a Cannabis Tonic

Washington-based Mirth Provisions has debuted what it’s billing to be the first-ever commercial for a marijuana edible, a hilarious music video showing partiers under the influence of the various varieties of the company’s “Legal” brand tonics. The four tonics — Lemon Ginger (Indica), Pomegranate (Sativa), Rainier Cherry (Hybrid) and Cranberry…

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Pure Green’s Meghan Walstatter Featured In Wild Fang’s “A Woman’s Place Is In The House” Campaign!

Portland based brand Wildfang aims to be a near-comprehensive resource for the women of the world who dare to defy sartorial gender rules. The brand’s latest feature, “A Woman’s Place Is In The House,” showcases women who are changing the game as leaders in traditionally male dominated fields. Pure Green’s…

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