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Q&A With Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Congressman Earl Blumenauer has led the movement to legalize marijuana in Oregon since 1973. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996, where he successfully campaigned to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in Oregon in 2014. The Congressman currently plans to travel to every state with a…

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$5 Grams at Pure Green

While it may be painful to admit, the end of summer is drawing near. School starts next week, but there’s still another chance for some summer fun. We want to help by offering some fantastic specials on a variety of products geared to help you enjoy one more summer weekend….

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Feds Drop Charges Against 19-Year-Old Devontre Thomas

Federal prosecutors in Oregon have dropped all charges against a 19-year-old Native American teenager accused of possessing less than a gram of cannabis after a national outcry led members of the state’s congressional delegation to speak out. Devontre Thomas, who graduated from Chemawa Indian School earlier this year, has entered…

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Portland City Hall Is Poised to Admit It Wrapped Cannabis Businesses in Too Much Red Tape

Tensions have been building over the last several months regarding the overbearing rules and regulations created and enforced by the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Fortunately, even City Council seems to agree that cannabis business regulation under commissioner Amanda Fritz has gone too far. A majority of the…

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Rules Change on Olympic Cannabis Testing!

It has been nearly two decades since Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati became the sport’s first Olympic gold medal winner at the 1998 Winter Games in Japan, only to have his title nearly ripped from him entirely due to positive test for marijuana. The attitude toward the use of marijuana in…

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Grower of the Month: Luvli Farms

August has arrived and we’re excited to announce our next Grower of the Month: Luvli Farms. The Portland based farm has developed a strong reputation amongst the community for their commitment to high quality, consistent products and growing catalog of top notch strains including Hawaiian Dutch, Thin Mint Girl Scout…

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Highlights for the Highlife

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