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Cannabis Workers > Other Common Careers

This came across our screens, and we actually were taken aback. We know the cannabis industry is growing, but to see these numbers, made it all seem more incredible. Take a look, assuming that most marijuana industry workers do not require a college degree, here are some other, similar occupations…

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NORML Targeted Next, Loses Online Donation Processing

Earlier this week NORML’s founder and top legal adviser Keith Stroup announced that their credit card processing service was canceled abruptly and without warning. When asked what rule they had violated, the financial institution told Stroup it was because of their ties to the “marijuana industry.” This is a huge…

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The Business of Recreational Marijuana

Last week, Pure Green’s Matt Walstatter was featured on a panel discussion at the City Club of Portland covering some of the biggest issues that surround operating a cannabis based business. The panel also featured Perry Salzhauer of Green Light, Scott Kveton of Odava, Nathan Howard of East Fork Medicinal…

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After Banking Memos, More Questions than Answers

The federal government has recently issued guidance to banks allowing them to work with medical marijuana businesses, but as this article from mmjbusinessdaily.com explains, banks have been left with as many questions as answers.  While the new guidance does allow banks to work with businesses like us, it leaves them…

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