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What Are the Strongest Cannabis Strains?

There are strains that tend to express higher levels of THC thanks to strong genetics and selective breeding. Leafly takes a look at some of the champion THC heavyweights that have earned awards for their potency as well as some user reviews that testify to their strength. Read full article here. 

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Strain Highlight: Headband and Its Halo Effect

Have you heard or experiences the halo effect that Headband gives? Supossedly this is where the strain gets it’s name. The name Headband foreshadows the heady effects of the green buds that are known to produce an immediate sensation around the crown of your head. Have you tried it? Let us…

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ECLIPSE: Elevate your experience

We would like to think (and we know we’re not alone) that natural forces and occurrences are the most relevant, worthy of been revered and celebrated. What we have on Monday the 21st, is a dramatic demonstration of  how awesome our natural world is. In addition to the coolest natural happening,…

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Cannabis business: Leap of faith

Pictured above are two friends: One never tried cannabis and the other friend was excelling in college and admitted to her friend that tried, liked, and was continuing to enjoy cannabis. After some time, they put their heads together, discovered and got over some hurdles and started a successful cannabis…

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Colorado gets a letter from Sessions

Not the kind of letter you want to receive: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is questioning how effective marijuana regulation is in Colorado, pointing to a 2016 report that cites increased traffic deaths, emergency room visits and pot consumption among youths since the drug was legalized for recreational use in 2014. Since…

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Going Wyld

One of our favorite vendors, is Wyld Canna. They produce the tartest little gummies and tasty chocolates that made with passion, wrapped in the attractive designed boxes you no doubt have noticed. We like to think of Wyld products as part of a perfect Northwest day: Decide on a nearby…

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What are terpenes?

Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. … These oils are secreted in the flower’s sticky resin glands, the same ones that produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Terpenes are by no means unique to cannabis; they can be found in many other herbs, fruits, and plants as well. Our…

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Trimming Prices (Big Time!)

Pure Green is slashing flower prices for all recreational customers.  Beginning Monday July 24, Pure Green’s medical patients and recreational customers will pay the same pre-tax price for flower. Recreational customers will see prices drop dramatically.  Ounces will go down by as much $90. Quarters will cost $20-$30 less and…

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A Visual Guide to Today’s Concentrates

Maybe you’ve been enjoying cannabis for twenty plus years, and so when you hear of oils, dabs, BHO, rosin, and budder- you think what has happened here? Well, all kinds of things are happening and we thought this was a good article about explaining each of style of concentrate. Vague, confusing,…

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Highlights for the Highlife

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