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This came across our screens, and we actually were taken aback. We know the cannabis industry is growing, but to see these numbers, made it all seem more incredible. Take a look, assuming that most marijuana industry workers do not require a college degree, here are some other, similar occupations…

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Israel to Fund Research for Medical Cannabis Crops

Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced this week that it would fund a number of research products focused on the cultivation of medical cannabis.  The Agriculture Ministry, in collaboration with the Health Ministry, will distribute approximately $2.1 million to bankroll 13 different research projects. Topics to be researched…

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MMJ Reaearch

New Developments in Marijuana Research

One of the most exciting aspects of marijuana legalization involves new research into all aspects of the production and use of cannabis. For the last 80 years, marijuana research in the U.S. was  primarily an underground affair. People experimented with new ways to grow or new medical preparations. But because…

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