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Super Size Specials at Pure Green!

Starting Wednesday, April 27, buy an eighth or more of flower and “Super Size” your purchase with any gram of non-reserve flower for just $7! (Rec customers may only supersize a purchase of 3.5-6 grams since they remain subject to the 1/4 ounce limit) This special will be on going and…

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Pure Green’s 4/20 Celebration!

Spring is here and that means 4/20 is right around the corner! We’re excited to announce the return of Pure Green’s 5 days of 4/20! The festivities begin on Saturday 4/16 and run through Wednesday 4/20, when we’ll celebrate with an awesome throw-down at the store. We’ll have plenty of free refreshments including…

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The Pure Green 4.20 Extravaganza

Pure Green is excited to announce our annual 4.20 Extravaganza!  We are incredibly excited about this special celebration of cannabis culture. We will begin the festivities on Thursday 4.16 and continue until Monday 4.20.   Our 4.20 Raffle is back! Last year we gave away thousands of dollars worth of…

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Happy 4/20! But why do we celebrate 4/20?

Stoners have been celebrating 4/20 since, well, for a long time. But why? The Huffington Post did some serious investigative journalism, which you can find if you click the link below. They tracked down the original California stoners who coined the term and traced its history to the present day…

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The Five Days of 4/20 at Pure Green

Pure Green is excited to announce the Five Days of 4/20. Starting on Wednsday April 16, we will be running a new special every day. We will also be open extended hours on Saturday 4/19 (11-7) and Sunday 4/20 (12-6).  At 4:20 on 4/20, we will be raffling off some…

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Highlights for the Highlife

Featured Happenings at Pure Green!

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